Beautiful Zena is the biggest dog in the kennel but she has no idea.  

Zena is a hoot! When it's playtime outside, beware, for she may bowl you over accidentally! But when our seven year old walks her, she's as quiet and calm as a lamb! 

Once, our seven year old took Zena into the yard and tried to create a harness for her to pull a wagon with. For a good two hours, Zena sat or lay quietly beside her, waiting for the next command! It was absolutely beautiful! 

Zena still has a mischievous side, though, don't you worry! Last night, it was bedtime and I had to chase her all over the yard until she slipped into her kennel by herself and looked at me like "Aren't I such a good girl?? I need kisses now!" And of course, I couldn't stay mad at such a face! 

She is AKC registered as well. Her health testing is available upon request. 

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