Expected Litters

About Our Upcoming Litters

These litters are the ones we are expecting within the next two months. If you see a litter that excites you, head over to the Contact page and give us a call, shoot us a text, or send us an email. Of course we can't guarantee that a certain color or gender of puppy will be born in the litter you are eyeing up, but we will do our best to meet your needs.

Let us know what you want, and we'll put you on the waiting list. Once the pregnancy has been confirmed, we will open up the Reservations List to anyone who wants to place a deposit. And once the puppies are four to five weeks old, we have Puppy Picking Days, where the people on the Reservations List get to pick their puppy in the order I received the deposits! When they are eight weeks old, they will be ready to come home and cuddle with you! 

It's Honeymoon Time!

Zena + Sammy

Due Date: Approximately July 31, 2021. 

Sammy and Zena are having another litter of puppies. Last litter these two had turned out so beautifully. With this litter, they all should be tri color. While most of these puppies should not shed, there is a chance that a few of the puppies could shed slightly more than the normal poodle would, but less than a Bernese Mountain Dog would. 

Reservation price is $250. Pricing will be $3500 to $3300 depending on gender.


  • First Pick female - Barrett Gold
  • Second Pick female - 
  • Third Pick female -
  • First Pick male - Drew Pfeger
  • Second Pick male - David Moellenkamp
  • Third Pick male -
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    Muffin + Sarge

    Due Date: Approximately Sept 9, 2021. 

    Muffin and Sarge are bringing the colors again! I'm expecting a rainbow of colors. Blue merle, chocolate merle, red, parti, tan point, and any combo of the above. These puppies are smart, sweet, and people oriented. 

    Reservation price is $250. Pricing will be $2295. 


    • First Pick - Aimee Lannotti-female
    • Second Pick - Available
    • Third Pick - Available
    • Fourth Pick - Available
    • Fifth Pick -Available

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