Meet Our Family

We are a family-owned and operated place, whose goals are to provide you with a forever friend who is sweet and well-socialized. We live way out in the country on five acres on a dead-end dirt road. Every day, the dogs get a chance to run and explore the place. We have two horses, chickens, and cats. Both adults and puppies are well-socialized to all of these. 

Jesse and Marlene Horst oversee the place and Melissa does the day-to-day work. She is with the dogs every day, training, grooming, spending time one-on-one with them. She does most of the advertising as well, and she will most likely be the one you will get in contact about your baby. 

How It All Began

As long as I (Melissa) can remember, I've wanted dogs. We had the family pet, of course, but who can resist the puppies?

So when the chance came along to purchase a Cocker Spaniel male and female, I jumped at it, and in a few days, we were settling in with the new dogs. 

And it grew from there. When we needed to expand our colors, we chose a chocolate puppy to come home with us. When one of our females needed to be retired, I found her a new forever home and kept in contact. When one of our mamas unexpectedly passed away for no apparent reason, I was heart-broken. As more dogs found their way into our home, my heart expanded to include each one. 

What would my life be like without Josie's constant quest for snuggles? What would I do if I didn't have Max to make me laugh? 

Family-raised Designer puppies