Scarlett’s Lil’ Sunshine


This red beauty is my Sunshine everyday! This girl is smart and intelligent. She loves people, and is outgoing and playful. She's never met a stranger, doggie or human! 

She was easy to train as well. All Cocker Spaniels have a desire to please and Sunshine is no different. I know that she will pass that color, those smarts, and that eager desire to please down to her children. 

She's very cuddly and always checks in with me the most when every one is outside for playtime. 

She changes color according to the weather and how much sun she had, but she has a red stripe down her back and sides, and buff legs and topknot. She has red, buff, chocolate, silver, and one black in her background. I'm expecting red and buff puppies from this handsome doll!

DNA genetic testing available upon request.

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